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Why do you need an SPF record?

SPF record: Definition An SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record is an essential type of DNS (Domain Name System) record used to authenticate the identity of a sender’s email server. It helps ensure that emails sent from your domain are seen as legitimate and not blocked or flagged as suspicious by …

How to use the CNAME record?

The CNAME is a great DNS record that will save you plenty of time and effort when you are managing different DNS zones. Use it for your subdomains, and organize the rest of the DNS records from the canonical domain name. How can you do it? Don’t worry. We will …

MX record explained for beginners

What is the purpose of the MX record? The Mail Exchange or MX record is in charge of storing the information needed to determine which mail server should receive emails sent to a specific domain name. Can you guess how many emails are sent every hour via the Internet? And …

What is the purpose of the PTR record?

A PTR (pointer) record is a kind of DNS record that connects an IP address to a domain or hostname. It is such a critical DNS record type that anyone working in this field should be familiar with it. And if you are that person, you came to the correct …

A record – The Most Popular DNS record type

Description of an A record

The address is denoted by the letter A. A record, version 4, connects a domain name to an IP address (IPv4). To put it another way, an A record uses the correct IP address to direct a specific domain that a user has requested to its proper location.

Although it is the most fundamental DNS record available, it is crucial to your DNS settings. It is likely the DNS zone record that is used the most. Redundancy is another benefit of using various A records for a single domain, in addition to its specialized functionality.

Although it’s a simple element, servers’ ability to respond to queries depends on it. It is the king of DNS records because of this. Therefore, DNS must exist.

How to check DNS A records?

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